The best strategies for betting on tennis at 1win bookmaker

Tennis is one of the most popular betting categories. Hundreds of tournaments of various status are held annually: from amateur competitions to the leading ATP and WTA (women's) series. Most of them can be bet with a bookmaker. Live tennis betting strategies are especially popular. It is much more convenient to analyze the situation on the court in real time, evaluating the current form of the players.

The best live tennis betting strategies with calculation examples

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There are no win-win methods. Each strategy does not guarantee a win, but by following our recommendations and distributing the pot, the player can increase the passability of his bets.

For games

The simplest technique is to win a player in a game in WTA competition. It is unprofitable to bet on a strong tennis player because of the low odds. It is better to choose an approximately equal match with a spread of no more than 0.5, for example 1.70 and 2.10. It is recommended to bet according to the strategy by catching up; when playing flat or ladder, there is a high risk of going into the red.

On the favorite

The status of a stronger athlete does not always indicate that a tennis player will come out ahead from the very first game and will only increase his advantage. Even favorites often start a game with a loss. After a lost game, bookmakers change the odds, offering to bet on the leader at extremely favorable quotes.

Example. The game of Karen Khachanov and Denis Kudla. The Russian was considered the clear favorite of the meeting, the quotes were 1.10-7.90. However, in the fourth set, Khachanov lost his serve and allowed the American to take the lead with a score of 1:3. The odds of the bookmakers changed dramatically: it was offered to bet on a Russian in the game for 1.95. Karen Khachanov was able to level the score by converting a break point and won the set.